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Protecting Your Electronics From Heat

In the current society, most people depend on electronic appliances and gadgets to run their daily lives. For instance, if we look at households today, most of them have personal computers with an internet connection. If we look at a Personal Computer, there’s a lot of benefits that come with this little device. It makes life simple and helps us do a lot of things like:

-Allowing us to communicate with our friends and family members even though they are

-Creating all kinds of documents which are essential for our personal and business operations

-Conducting online financial transactions.

-Playing and storing music files

-Storing other files that are of sentimental value to us such as pictures.

For most people, when a computer crashes, it becomes a major inconvenience to their lives.

If we look at other electronic systems or appliances that we typically have in our respective households such as TV’s, DVD players, Gaming systems, Audio Entertainment systems, video Recording equipment and Appliances such as Heat pumps, microwave ovens and Central Air Conditioning Systems. All these gadgets enlighten us, entertain us and provide us with comfort. However, all these products require a considerable amount of money to buy. Furthermore, repairing or replacing these products requires money since faults and failure in electronic devices is inevitable.

In this regard, there are generally three different mechanisms that will either reduce the life time of your electronics or completely destroy them. These destructive mechanisms are:

1. Heat

2. Electrical surges or spike events

3. Electrical noise

In this article, we are going to look at Heat. And in heat, we shall look at how heat is destructive to electronics and what we can do to protect the electronics from heat and significantly prolong their life.

So, How Is Heat Destructive?

Heat can be observed in every electronic device. All electronic systems generate heat provided that they outsource electrical power from a power source. The electronic system ideally uses a portion of the power to perform. For instance playing a DVD, cooking or charging an iPhone.

However, heat is an enemy to electronics as well. Few things are more effective in the reduction of the operation life-time of the electronic system, than in raising the operating temperature of the circuitry of the system. If you were to consult an electronics expert, they would tell you that every ten degrees Celsius you raise in the temperature of an electronic device, you would be reducing the lifetime of that gadget by almost 50%. Bottom line is the impact of heat, in shortening the lifespan of a device is really huge.

What Can You Do About It?

We have already seen that all electronics generate heat. So, there is no way to prevent these devices from generating heat, but there are a few things that you can do to prevent the heat from causing huge damages. The most efficient method is removing heat or rather preventing cases of overheating in the electronic systems.

Removing Heat From The Electronics

Most consumer electronic systems are designed with heat removal in mind. Some devices like desktops and laptops have internal fans. These fans are engineered into these devices so that they can blow air through the area in which the device components that generate heat are located. The main idea behind this concept is to have the heat away from the electronic device keep it as cool as possible.

Other electronic systems have vents in their outer cases which offer an escape route for the heat. Most of these vents are usually located at the back end or at the top of the electronic device. In this regard, the following are several recommendations to permit and enhance heat removal from your electronic devices.

Ensure you keep books, papers and other items from blocking the vents of these electronic devices. Leaving such items on top of the DVD for instance, may block the vents, preventing the heat from escaping. This will in turn cause the temperature in your DVD to rise which will greatly affect the function and lifespan of your DVD.

Ensure that the fan inside some of the devices is still functional. In case the fan stops working, then you should seek for an electric device service man to repair the fan. Failure to do this will lead to the device resigning from function sooner or later.

Also make sure that your electronic appliances like the heat pump or the Central Air Conditioning System are regularly serviced. When these systems are serviced, the professional will be able to do various things such as cleaning the dust and debris in the ventilation paths. As a result, the ventilation path will be clear and therefore allowing heat to escape from the system.

Using these methods, you will have tacked the heat problem that affects most of our precious electronic gadgets by prolonging their lifespan.